Raps V10 clap

Raps V10 clap
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Unlike a steel tube, a bent aluminum tube retains its curved shape. The folding mechanism of Raps is the strongest on the market and therefore extremely reliable on natural ice. The stirrup is unique in skating. Where aluminum brackets were first used, Raps has followed a trend from other speed sports such as the F1. The bracket is made of a glass and carbon fiber reinforced composite. Extremely light and extremely reliable. The V10 iron is distinguished from the V8 by the bonded PM (powder metallurgical) steel blade. In 1991, Raps PM introduced steel to the skating industry, setting a standard that the competition only implemented a few years ago. PM steel has a finer surface and slides further. Thanks to years of experience with this steel, Raps remains a lot faster. Raps has also brought this knife to a hardness of over 64 HRC since 1991. Any louder makes no sense; the blade does not become finer, but more brittle and breaks than before.
The V8/V10 has a different steering behavior than the well-known V12 (Axle) tubes because the round aluminum tube has flexibility. The V10 is bendable (read bendable) through the tube and has super sliding properties due to the PM steel; Raps' answer to the competition's steel pipes.