Unfortunately, it occasionally happens that an article does not suit, does not fit or that you want to return it for another reason. Of course we are not difficult about that! Below you can read how this works.

To answer the most frequently asked question: the costs for a return shipment are for your own account. We know that large parties often offer free returns, but unfortunately we cannot agree. We pay relatively much more for shipments than these parties and would have to include the costs in the product price and we would rather not do that! Sending a replacement product or size as a result of your return shipment is always for our account and therefore free for you!

1. Fill in the return form

With your order you will find a return form that you can use for the return shipment. Have you lost this? No problem, send us a message so we can email it to you! Indicate on the return form which products you want to return, what reason you have for this and what the desired action is, for example Money return, another size or an alternative product. The more information you provide, the better our employees can help you!

2. Packing the return shipment

Pack the product you want to return neatly and securely. If possible, you can reuse the packaging we have used. It is very important not to damage or cover the original product packaging, as we may resend this to another customer. In this way we waste as little energy as possible and we burden the environment as little as possible. A good tip: use a garbage bag and wrap it tightly around the product.

3. Stick the address on the return shipment

If you have packed the return shipment, you can use the bottom half of the return form as a return address. It is stated on your order number so that we can immediately search for all the correct information upon receipt.

4. Handing over the return shipment at parcel point

Then hand in your return shipment at a parcel point of your choice. As mentioned earlier, the costs for the return shipment are for your own account. You are and will remain responsible for the package until it has been delivered to us. You can also choose to send the package insured.

5. Handling of returns in our warehouse

After receiving the return, we will start processing it as soon as possible. However, this can take up to 3 business days. You will automatically receive an email as soon as your return has been processed.

6. Any returns

Have you chosen to receive your money back into your account? The refund is done through our payment provider and it can take up to 3 working days before it is credited to your account.

Sending replacement sizes or products will be arranged as quickly as possible. You will then automatically receive a Track & Trace email. If the replacement product or size is sold out in the meantime, we will contact you as soon as possible!