Born Energy Super Gel

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Born - Energy Super Gel
banana flavor

For additional energy and antioxidants

To deliver sporting performance, carbohydrates are a necessity. In comparison to energy drinks, a BORN ENERGY SUPER GEL provides an extra supplement of the necessary carbohydrates during exercise. The packaging is easy to open and the gel easy to ingest. BORN ENERGY SUPER GEL is a concentrated source of carbohydrates consisting of both fast and slow carbohydrates. Additionally this product contains VinOserae®, a grape seed extract with high antioxidant activity. This will help you achieve your very best on race day!

• Provides an extra energy boost!
• High antioxidant content from VinOserae®
• Avoid hitting the dreaded wall
• User-friendly packaging, ideal for endurance athletes
• Banana flavour
• 40 grams