Cádomotus Comp 4x104
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Cádomotus Comp 4x104
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12.8 inch
13.2 inch


The Comp 4x104komt meets the demands of a ambitious skater. A competitively priced, quality lightweight frame. The 195mm stitch makes this frame suitable for 100mm or 104 wheels that contribute to a higher speed.

A relatively low frame height and different frame lengths in this series, giving the Comp frame a lot of control and a high speed for women racers and the right choice for younger ambitious skaters.

The semi-solid machined frame is finished with full-color markings and therefore looks very attractive.

Configuration: 4-wheel, 100-104mm, divided equally between the frame
Insert: 195mm
Length (distance between wheels): 12.8/
Weight (excl. axles): 200g (12.8)
Frame height: 104mm wheels (52 +58 mm) 110mm
Confirmation: 1x slot width 22mm wide front, 1x slot width 18mm wide rear, 195mm pitch
Distance between front axle and front attachment point: 13.2in = 71mm
Material: 6000 Aluminum, Semi-Solid extruded
Axles: M7, anodized
Lettering / lines: Full-color (on the outside of the frame), scratch-resistant