SL-800 BFT

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36, 40(wide), 41(wide)
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The SL 800 FTT is a beautifully finished boot with a sleek and aerodynamic appearance. The shell of the boot is made up of carbon and glass fibre and heat mouldable both by means of the conventional oven method and by Maple's new Hot-Water-Moulding technology. The Barefoot technology provides additional comfort. With waxed laces, a flexible lip, and an extremely good fit as we have come to expect from Luigino (producer of maple). This boot fits perfectly to your foot and makes the skate feel like an extension of your leg!

ATTENTION: the lether cover on the top of the feet (with the zipper) will start to peeling. Technical it's no problem, but it will look not so nice. There is no garantie on this, because the brand is not able to repair.

- Please note that shoe is available in a wider size as well as a normal version.