SL-800 Comet Alu Pack

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The SL 800 FTT is a beautifully finished boot with a sleek and aerodynamic appearance.
The shell of the boot is made up of carbon and glass fibre and is both, by means of the conventional oven method and by Maple's new Hot-Water-Moulding technology, easy to form to your foot. This means the boot will fit perfectly and makes your skates feel like an extension of your legs.

The Maple Comet aluminium blade mechanism consists of two waterproof bearings, a steel shaft and two stainless steel springs. The springs are common, making them easy to obtain, and are simply and quickly exchanged and the spring tension is adjustable
The blade is made of bi-metal and has a Rockwell hardness of 64, making it a nice compromise between stiffness and control. The iron has a low sliding resistance and remains sharp a long time in comparison to other brands.
The blade is straight and in the tube thickness (1.1 mm) cut.

Please note that the shoe is available in a wider as well as a normal version.

All skates are supplied ready to use; this means bent and rockered (standard curve is 23 meters) If you would like a different radius, then please indicate this when completing your order.




ModelComet Aluminium
Hardness62 Rockwell
MountingIce skate mount spacing
Target DemographicStrong Recreational skaters/ New Racers