Twin Laser Flex T-bone

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The Maple Twin Laser is used by a large majority of top skaters in long track and marathon races. Including: Koen Verweij, Ronald and Michel Mulder, Shani Davis, Bob de Vries, Jorrit Bergsma, Arjan Stroetinga and Bart Swings who choose this blade for the specially shaped voltages and torsion-free steel skate tube.

The blade are made in the Maple skate factory and are put together and welded by hand. The manual labour required to build this make quality is second to none!

The Maple Twin Laser has a reinforced rib that gives the blade, especially in the curve, more stability. This makes it possible to enter the inner curve at top speed. Evidence of this is provided by the Mulder brothers (long track) and Arjan Stroetinga (marathon skater)

The blade is made of PM-steel with a hardness of 65+ HRC (Rockwell), has a thickness of 1.1mm, which is a fraction higher than the aluminum undercarriages of Maple.

The Maple Laser Twin Flex is more flexible than the "standard" version and provides more guidance and control.

This blade is also available with the new T-bone bracket for more rigidity and control. Click here the Twin laser with ordering T-bone bracket.

All brackets are supplied in pairs and are hand polished and rounded (23m standard curve, other curves possible.)

Dimensions The length of the skate is measured in inches. The taller you are, the longer the blade should be. However, the length of the bracket is dependent on size. As a result, there are many possible options.

For example: Size 15.5 (36/37) length of the skate means 15.5 inches with a bracket suitable for a skate shoe size 36 or 37. Size 17.5 (165mm) length of the skate means 17.5 inches with a bracket suitable for boots with a 165mm mounting .

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