Cádo Motus
Sumiyaka Carbonio

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The CadoMotus Sumiyaka is a clapskate that has the latest features but at a very reasonable price.
The skate boot has a high-quality leather lining that makes skating with bare feet comfortable. The boot has a sleek look and fits very comfortably around the foot. The boots are mouldable due to the thermoplastic and they have a unique ankle design to maximise both comfort and heel positioning to ensure the largest transfer of power into the ice as possible.
The CadoMotus SilverSaya chassis is very light and meant for people who want a solid blade with good features but for a good price. The hardness of the blade is 62-63 Rockwell.
Ideal for skaters who improving and ready to move on to better skates!

The boots and bridge also fit the Reynolds 525 and 953 blades, the most expensive and the best Marchese blades. This enables you to easily upgrade the blade itself while just incurring the smallest cost.
Cádo MotusSumiyaka Carbonio

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Cádo Motus is één van ’s werelds meest gespecialiseerde merken in skeelers, inline speed skates, schaatsen, klapschaatsen, schaats- en skeelerhelmen en alles wat je verder nodig hebt om deze sporten zo goed en professioneel te kunnen uitoefenen.

Schaatskleding, skeelerkleding, rugzakken, tassen, slijpblokken en andere tools voor onderhoud van je schaatsen en inline skates zijn uit voorraad leverbaar bij Koole Sport en Skate-dump.nl.

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