Semi Race with Evo Chrome

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The Semi-Race is designed for skaters who want the comfort of a training boot and the features of a racing boot. The boot is constructed from carbon fibre composite base material. The Semi Race has good stiffness and is particularly good to heat mould. This is a unique model as the standard shoes have 3 point attachment. Due to the success of this boot, we have specially ordered ones with 2 point 195mm mount spacing. The three point system is for inline race boots. This 2-point system allows this exceptional shoe to be used for other frames and purposes.

Caution: The black shoe is actually matte instead of glossy.

The EVO Aluminium chrome steel blade is the ideal clap skate for starting speedskaters. The bridge and tube are both made of aluminium which makes the blades stiff and reliable. The blades are made of chrome steel.

Due to the solid bridge and replaceable springs, the blades are also suited for natural ice. The disadvantage is that you can not fix them.

- Anodised 7000 aluminium
- Chrome steel blade
- Stainless steel hinge/bridge
- Clear anodised bracket
- Glued blade
- Flexcurve for extra precision