Powerslide Infinity Conquest

Powerslide Infinity Conquest
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The Powerslide Infinity set is ideal for novice skaters.

The Powerslide Infinity boot has a relatively low cut. It is made of glass-fibre with hollow tubes in the bottom of the boot. This makes the boot light and stiff.

The Blades:
The EVO Aluminium chrome steel is the ideal blade for novice skaters. The tube is made of aluminium and very solid and reliable. The blades are made of chrome steel.

Fixed blades are ideal while learning to skate. Especially if you skate sporadically and mainly on natural ice, this solid blade is a good choice because it is less vulnerable in the case of ice cracks and 'klunen' (walking from pond to pond) is easier compared to clap skates.

- Anodised 7000 aluminium
- Chrome steel blade
- Glued blade
- Flex curve for precision